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D&D Total Health Solutions is a privately-owned company whose founder and CEO is a Case Manager with over 30 years of experience in the industry. At D&D, we are committed to achieving results for our clients. The number one priority of our team is to go the extra mile for the Claims Adjuster, Injured Worker, and Employer, while accepting nothing less than excellence in the services provided. Since 2006 we have achieved this goal as reflected in our outcomes and successful return to work rate. We have created innovative services and continually work to improve them through training and technology.



D&D is dedicated to providing the best outcomes using the most cost-effective and innovative solutions available to meet MMI and Return to Work goals. We studied industry trends and the changing needs of our clients and responded with effective early intervention services that compliment our proven case management. 

D&D nurses are trained using the latest medical, social, and informational techniques to give them the tools they need to achieve successful outcomes efficiently. 

D&D meets the needs of each client with personalized services tailored to their specific requirements. To do this, we utilize the latest technology and maintain on-staff data system professionals who develop and manage our proprietary software and work to meet HIPPA and HITECH compliance.

We offer our clients and their employees the highest quality, comprehensive injury management available in the industry.


We know that successful outcomes in the ever changing landscape of Workers Compensation treatment depends upon innovation, and that the measure of success trends towards early return to work.

With that in mind we developed our Continuum of Care philosophy. By implementing our 24/7 Occupational Triage telephonic hotline, we were able to give workers access to immediate care while reducing the number of recordable events by offering self-care instruction, and lowering costs by sending workers to the appropriate clinic instead of the ER.

Next we added Triage AfterCare to provide agility to the treatment process. Our nurses automatically follow the first hours/days of the workers' injury treatment telephonically, giving the worker faster connection to any needed follow up, and caring attention to reduce their stress, while also providing information to Adjusters and Employers immediately following the initial treatment.

Medical Case Management continues to provide the worker with attentive assistance to navigate the treatment process while reporting progress and issues to Adjusters every step of the way. Our nurses use their familiarity with available providers to help with effective treatment choice and successful MMI/RTW.

D&D Case Management also offers experienced Catastrophic Case Managers who provide invaluable management in the long term care of injured workers.

Comprehensive Injury Management
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