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There are so many opportunities at D&D Total Health Solutions. If you are dependable, qualified, and want to join our dedicated team—we have a place for you. Take a look at our list of openings below and become a part of the family.

Medical Case Manager


Nurse Case manager acts as objective third party intermediary/liaison, who communicates with all parties involved in the rehabilitation process in a professional manner.   Impacts case progression in a positive manner by coordinating treatment recommendations in a timely, cost effective and proactive manner. Has understanding of workers’ compensation laws in state of licensure and demonstrates ability to address return to work issues, maximum medical improvement, and if needed, causal relationship of injury.

To inquire about available Case Manager openings: 


24/7 Occupational Triage Nurse

Work-From-Home Shifts

The D & D Triage Nurse is the first contact for a worker injured on the job. Working from home using our call center phone system, on-call in shifts. This nurse uses a provided, secure computer to run established protocols and algorithms with D & D’s Triage Navigator software, to gather information from the caller, assess and triage to the appropriate level of care, communicate with the provider, and create and send reports to the client/employer. Must have excellent internet connection.

To inquire about available Occupational Triage Nurse openings: 


Telephonic Case Management


This position combines the duties of the Case Manager with the telephonic work-from-home aspects of the Triage nurse. Primary duties are communicating with the Injured Worker, the providers, employers and adjusters/clients in a time critical manner.. This may include arranging appointments, gathering treatment notes and work restriction information, and creating reports for the adjuster.

Must have excellent internet connection.

To inquire about available Telephonic Case Manager Nurse openings: 


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