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Total Health Solutions

Comprehensive Injury Management

A client driven company with the focus on Integrity, Professionalism, and Commitment to Excellence.

  • 24/7 Occupational Triage

  • Telephonic Triage AfterCare

  • Medical Case Management

  • Catastrophic Case Management

Comprehensive Injury Management



24/7 Occupational Triage
  • 24/7, 365 Days/year;

  • Immediate access to medical attention post injury.

  • Highly Skilled Nurse Triages to appropriate level of care utilizing physician approved medical protocols. Reduces ER usage.

  • Reduces unnecessary treatment and decreases OSHA recordables.

  • All calls recorded for medical/legal purposes.

  • Translation services available if needed.

  • Highly successful self care rate!

  • FROI and Injury Reports provided.

  • Incident without injury reporting

Triage AfterCare
  • Telephonic Case Management;

  • Bridges the information/ communication gap with task specific injury case management when Triage call was not self care.

  • Highly Skilled Nurse communicates telephonically with approved medical provider to obtain specific diagnosis, treatment plan and address RTW.

  • Communicates with employee and employer to address any issues or concerns regarding injury, treatment plan and RTW to facilitate seamless, successful management.

  • Contacts Adjuster to provide all information collected to bring the Adjuster up to speed quickly, avoiding delays.

Medical Case Management
  • Task and Field Medical Case Management;

  • Highly trained nurse addresses case goals, treatment plan, and RTW issues to achieve MMI, successful case closure and full duty RTW.

  • Experienced Nurse Case Managers coordinate cases when Injured Employee needs referrals to specialists best suited for maximum results.

  • Quality Standards and proprietary software ensures successful case progression.

  • Proactive, Professional, Responsive Nurses achieve best possible outcomes.

  • Catastrophic Case Management is available as needed.

What We Do

D&D Total Health Solutions delivers the results you need for the highest quality Workers Compensation injury management to reduce claim costs, maximize outcomes, and facilitate timely return to work.

We do this with innovative ideas, synergistic, and comprehensive care programs, attention to detail, and experience.

We provide employers, TPAs and insurance companies with D&D’s comprehensive injury management and experienced nurses, to return injured workers to pre-injury status as soon as possible, reducing claim costs and creating positive outcomes.

D&D's Continuum of Care = RESULTS

R -Reduced Claims Cost
E - Early return to Work
S - Synergistic Continuity of Care
U - Unparalleled Commitment
L - Liaison/Third Party Intermediary
T - Total Dedication to Quality
S - Satisfied Clients

Contact Us

PO Box 2465, Muscle Shoals, AL 35662

256-381-8581  (toll-free 844-381-8581)

Fax: 256-381-8678

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